My name is Jessica Diaz and I'm a senior at Olympian High School. I chose this picture of my family, friends and I at Disney California Adventures from this past summer. This picture has great value to me because it shows the people that I love and who mean a lot to me. These are people that I can trust and that I know will always be there for me. I chose this picture of all of us at Disney California Adventures because to me, it shows that I'm a kid at heart. Also, I think this picture also shows that I like to have all sorts of fun, whether its by riding roller coasters and crazy ferris wheels or going to theme parks like California Adventures and Disneyland. This picture also shows that my life isn't always the way that I'd like it to be, which is represented by the roller coaster. I have my moments when I feel like I'm at the top, and then my moments when I feel like I've been shot down. Overall, this picture, to me, expresses my love for my family and friends and displays the kind of person I am.

From this class, I hope to get a good insight of what photography is about and the ways it can be expressed by different photo shots. Although I'm not a photographer, from this class I hope to take better pictures that shows meaning within the picture.