Why Art was Created

external image VenusRobe2_v50b2_.jpg
Aesthetic Art
This picture captures the different colors or shades of blue in an simple visual. This picture appeals to the eye by its simple structures and colors.

external image right-way-wrong-way1.jpg
Morals/Ethics Art
This picture shows the the two signs, right and wrong ways. This picture shows that morals and ethics depicts people and their behaviors that are good and or noble.

external image spiritual-paintings.jpg
Spiritual Art
This picture expresses the characteristics of spiritual art. The connection that the picture has to the spirit world or the religious purpose of the picture.

external image AHA_PTS.GIF
Historical Art
This picture shows the historical figures and the significance of the picture. This picture relates to the historical events, like the wars that this country has had.

external image makeart.jpg
Political Art
This picture displays the words, "Make Art, Not War," this relates to political influences and their reasons. This picture is to point out a political view and persuade the reader to be against war.