What's My Line

external image knight-kate-shadow-composition-1191035.jpg
Composition Art
This picture shows a black and white picture of flowers. This is considered composition art because the flowers can be considered isolated and defined as what it shows, a flower.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSolOEzkC6WxP5ty4lCqIBx0E7d8M8nE3xB5SaiE7-tOS0n5wgiUQ
Symmetrical Art
This picture shows two dragon like figures touching each others hands.This is considered symmetrical art because the two figures bisects each other or in other words, mirrors each other.

external image asymmetrical_dispersion.jpg
Asymmetrical Art
This is a picture of colors of blue, black and brown that are collaborating with each other. This is considered asymmetrical art because it shows some sort of movement within the colors that are shown.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZEauR1DmlvGCMrsdkl3yWUmrLVAT-Seq1Q9tqtg5n2p9sXNictg
Horizontal Line Art
This is a picture of a cabinet with horizontal structured cabinets. This is considered horizontal art because it gives the feeling of rest from the cabinet and it delineates the sections of the landscape.

external image ColorfulGlowingBackgroundVector_thumb.jpg
Vertical Line Art
This is a picture of many colors of the rainbow combined in one picture. This is considered vertical line art because it shows height within the colors.

external image lines-represent-text.png
Horizontal and Vertical Line Art
This is a picture of a pencil and a note pad. This is considered horizontal and vertical line art because it communicates stability and reliability of the two objects in the picture.

external image gulmohar_patterns.jpg
Diagonal Line Art
This is picture of leaves going in a diagonal line. This is considered diagonal line art because it conveys the feeling of movement and it shows unstability and motion.

external image 1828989-curved-line-art-flowing-softly-on-gradient-blue-background.jpg
Curved Line Art
This is a picture of a "wave" like figure of the color blue. This is considered curved line art because it conveys energy and it leads the eye to a softening effect.

external image SY01181_.gif
Repeated Line Art
This is a picture of Christmas lights. This is considered repeated line art because it creates a pattern.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSNSGCUycr3DqBkghJBXSXSln7Rqlm-cTP3sFdv2VQWN_st2hBcqw
Structured Line Art
This is a picture of telephone lines. This is considered structured line art because it hold the design together.

external image 90351d1271812361-need-line-art-graphic-ssr2outline.jpg
Outlined Art
This is a picture of an outline of a car. This is considered outline art because it has outer lines and it is flat on a sheet of paper.

external image stock-vector-contour-line-drawing-of-a-brain-vector-20143321.jpg
Contour Line Art
This is a picture of a brain. This is considered contour line art because it has the shape of the brain and the interior characteristics of the brain.

external image gesture-composition-and-line.jpg?w=300&h=221
Gesture Lines
This is picture of drawn bananas. This is considered gestured art because it has movement lines and it emphasizes the direction and fluidity of the banana.

external image lexus_is350_sketch_line_art_by_VTwizzardofoz.jpg
Sketch Line Art
This is a picture of a car. This is considered sketch line art because it provides more detail and gives a 3 dimensional shape.

external image calligraphy-lotus-md.png
Calligraphy Line Art
This is a picture of a flower. This is considered calligraphy line art because it gives an elegant tone to the picture.