Mythical Beast: Pegasus


My Greek mythical beast is Pegasus. Pegasus is a white horse that has wings and is known to be the son of Zeus, the king of gods. Most people would recognize Pegasus from the Disney movie, Hercules. Poet writers write about his ascension to heaven after his birth and when Zeus instructed him to bring lightning from Olympus. Pegasus is the creator of Hippocrene, the fountain on Mt. Helicon. He was captured by the Greek hero, Belleophron, near the fountain with the help of Athena and Posiedon. Pegasus allows the rider to defeat the monster, Chimera. However, his rider falls on his back when trying to reach Mt. Olympus. Zeus, then transformed Pegasus into a constellation and placed him in the sky next to his rider and other constellations. In order to make this Greek mythical creature, I used photo shop. I first searched a picture of a white horse, that resembles to Pegasus, and then a pair of dove wings on Google. Then, in photo shop, I used the quick select tool from the toolbar to copy the dove wings. Then, I pasted a copy of one of the wings onto the horse. To make the back wing, I pasted the wing first onto the horse making it look like it belongs in the back, then copied the horse itself to paste on top of the original horse, in order to make the wing in the back, realistically there following the addition to the wing that is placed on the front of the side of the horse. I then transformed each wing to make the wings on the horse more realistic, adjusting its size, length and width. Also, I adjusted the colors and brightness to make this horse have Pegasus features and blending into the horse. I used two animals, a horse and a dove, to complete the assignment.